Southern Open Show 2007

Judge's Critique

The Irish Setter Club of Wales held an open show where I had a lovely entry. BIS was Covarney Miss B Havin; RBIS, Covarney Masterpiece; BP, Tiroen Time After Time for Alolfran; & BV, Coppershell Fearless Fred.  


MPD (6,1 a) 1 Danks-Kemish's Tiroen Time After Time for Afofran, very promising puppy, liked everything about him; lovely head & expression, good neck & shoulders, well balanced for one so young, moved steadily in challenge for BP; 2 Burkes' Tiroen Trailblazer to Gregalare, lovely youngster, very close to I & could easily change places another day. Beautiful head, good front, nicely balanced & good bend of stifle, did not move as steadily as 1 but still very sound; 3 Stevenson's Lochlorien Murphys Law by Andley


PD (3,1) 1 Tiroen Time After Time for Afofran; 2 Tiroen Trailblazer to Gregalare.


VD (5) 1 Davies' Coppersheil Fearless Fred, adorable 11 years, beautiful head/soft expression, nicely balanced, in good coat & still moved well; 2 Rodda's Teramour Happy Go Lucky; 9 years, in good condition, good front & shoulders, lovely shape & moved well; 3 Harris’ Teramour Call Me Lucky of Trapwell  


JD (7,1) 1 Need's Covarney Mocha, lovely young dog, bit restless to start with but did settle down, lovely head & expression, good front & feet, nice topline, well bent stifle, well presented; 2 Drinkwater's Brabrook Shochalpza, very promising dog, nicely balanced, good head & shoulders, lovely neat feet, moved with drive; 3 Pickering & Hay's Amberwave Frankie.


YD (9,3) 1 Mugford's Linwood Field Of Dreams, love everything about this young dog from his head to his tail, nice head arched neck, good shoulders, good front & feet, strong quarters, moved very well; 2 Prangle's Heathclare A Chance Of Magic, nice outline & in good coat, good neck & shoulders, good bend of stifle, did not move as well as 1; 3 Amberwave Frankie.


Tyro (6,2) 1 Drinkwater's Brabrook Shochalpza; 2 Amberwave Frankie, nice head & topline, good front & bend of stifle, moved soundly; 3 Burke's Polmennor Dazzling Effects. 


GD (9,1) 1 Burke's Clachnahor Ami Pierrot, beautiful dog, one I have often admired from the ringside, so well balanced with excellent conformation, lovely head & expression, well bent stifle & beautiful dark coat, moved soundly; 2 Need's Ginger And Condron's Covarney Brings Verdi to Stourford, close second, lovely balanced dog, nice head & expression, arched neck, well laid back shoulders, good bend of stifle & moved well; 3 Heathclare's A Chance.Of Magic.


PGD (7,4) 1 Condron's Covarney Master Class, my type of Setter, so well balanced, excellent conformation, beautiful head & soft expression, good bend of stifle &-moved round the ring. RBIS; 2 Clachnahor Ami Pierrot; 3 Child's Brenrue Outlander


LD (5,1) 1 Condron & Symons’ Covarney Cruiser, very elegant dog, lot to like about him, nice head & expression, lovely flowing topline & front, moved well; 2 Ostman's Coppers Bubblands Glad, unfortunate to meet 1 in first class condition, lovely head & good neck & shoulders, well balanced; 3 Davies’ Carnbargus Colorado.


OD (6,1) I Mortimer’s Covarney Crusader, beautifully presented, pleasant head, good topline kept on the move; 2 McDonagh's Ronzalda Don Magnifico, lovely dark coat, good head, well placed shoulders & good bend of stifle, moved well; 3 Ancell's Twoacres Kavanagh.



MPB (3) I Stevenson's Lochlorien Prime Suspect for Andley, very pretty baby, beautifully presented, lovely head & nice dark coat, nicely balanced, shows a lot of promise; 2 Hall’s Glennara Lehana, promising youngster,very pretty, nice head & expression, good angulation; 3Randies Rionore Bewitching Thyme,


PB (2) I Berry & Morris’ Brinara Winter Cherry, such a pretty youngster, just the type I like, very promising future, lovely shape, nice head & soft expression, showed well; 2 G Lehana.


VB (6,3) 1 Rodda's Sh Ch Covarney Cora Mia Mine at.Teramour, almost 8 years & in beautiful condition, nice head & expression, good shoulders & front, kept her topline on the move, beautifully balanced, lovely type, still showing well; 2 Simon's Covarney Carra Bella of Westridge, I see she is litter sister to 1, both lovely bitches, lovely expression & nice shape, moved well, really elegant bitch; 3 Roberts
Polmennor Village Gossip.


JB (7,3) 1 Powis' Amberway Freckles, beautiful bitch, scored in head & expression, good front with neat feet & lovely neck & shoulders, moved soundly; 2 Naylor & Morrison's Bardonhill Singing Skies over Anlory, very close second, just preferred head of 1, lovely shape/good front & nice dark coat, good hindquarters & moved well; 3 Mortimer & Condron's Covarney Coco.


YB (8,3) 1 Mugford's Lynwood Follow Your Dream, beautiful bitch, promising future, lovely head & expression & good reach of neck & correct front & shoulders,
Nicely balanced with good hindquarters & moved soundly; 2 Condron's Covarney Kayanne, different type to 1 but very pleasing to go over, nice head & soft expression, good topline & very elegant on the move; 3 Amberway Freckles.


TB (3) 1 Covarney Kayanne; 2 Amberway Freckles; 3 Brinara Winter Cherry


GB (7,4) I RobertsLynwood Theme Song for Polmennor; lovely bitch, nice head, soft expression, good shoulders & front, good feet, nicely balanced & moved well; 2 Naylor & Morrison's Anlory Durize, lovely bitch but preferred head of I, nonetheless a beautiful balanced bitch with good front, lovely neck & shoulders, strong hindquarters & moved with drive; 3 C Coco.


PGB (8,1) 1 Hiron's Loskeran Larch, very eyecatching & very typical of the breed, lovely soft expression, nice head, good neck &
shoulders, correct front, well balanced & moved with style round the ring; 2 Condron's Scotch Law Memphis Belle at Covarney, lovely bitch, nice head,good head & shoulders,good front & topline, moved well; 3 Pickerill's Amberwave Tamsin


LB (6,3) 1 Condron's Covarney Miss B Havin, bitch I have admired from the ringside, very elegant, lovely head & expression. Beautiful arched neck, well laid back shoulders, good front, well bent stifle, good topline maintaining this on the move. BIS; 2 Naylor & Morrison's Anlory Valpolicella, lovely bitch, very typical of the breed, good reach of neck, well placed shoulders, nice topline, well angulated at rear & moved soundly; 3 Hall's Glennary Klipspringer.


OB (7,3) I Waterton's Lynwood Strands Of Silk at Sandstream, lovely bitch, beautifully presented, very typical of the breed with her soft expression. Good neck & shoulders, nice outline & strong hindquarters, moved very well; 2 Berry & Morris’ Brinara Backseat Driver, very close to 1, maybe preferred head of 1, lovely shaped bitch, good reach of neck & well placed shoulders, correct front & nice bend of stifle, moved well; 3 Harris* Goldings Helleana of Trapwel.


Brace (3,1) I McDonagh's Ronzaldo Don Magnifico & Don Quichotte; 2 Stevenson's Lochlorien Prime Suspect for Andley & Murphy's Law by Andley.


B Laidlaw