Championship Show 2008 Critique Bitches


BITCHES - For my first time giving CCs in your breed may I thank you for such a super entry. I did enjoy my day judging the bitches, I must say my third class gave me a little shock, I looked up from writing my critique & saw what I thought was the junior class, "my goodness they were mature" but a look at my judging book solved the problem they were Veteran not Junior! As a gundog all-rounder I judge as close as I can to the Standard but conformation & movement means a great deal to me & that is foremost in my consideration. All my placings fitted the bill, soundly constructed & good movers, & had my interpretation of racy which is strongly mentioned in your Standard.

I found the dogs that I judged at the end for BIS just a shade too heavy.

MP (8,1 a) 1 Naylor & Morrison's Bardonhill Leaping Water over Antory, 7 months, clean balanced outline, pleasing head, good angulation to quarters, deep chest, good length of rib, strong topline, good bone, best of feet, moved out soundly; 2 Pike's Redclyst Glenury Dido, 7 months, soundly made with head good for age, well made quarters, chest had depth & well ribbed back, topline good as was tailset, moved out well. I just had the edge; 3 Wall's Hazelbeck Pearlie Mae.

P (20,6) 1 Naylor & Morrison's Antory Crianza, beautiful baby of 10 months, best of outlines, very sound conformation to quarters, most pleasing head, excellent neck, chest deep & well ribbed back, loin strong, topline & tailset good, moved so very well on good legs & feet. BP; 2 Byrne's Siochanna Irish Heartbeat, 101/2 months, another good young lady, sweet headed, outline balanced & clean, flowed from head to tail, good angujation, moved soundly. Feet a little tighter on 1; 3 Milligan-Bott & Bott's Thendara Capriati.

V (16,3) 1 Kavanagh's Sh Ch Withersdale Kupola, nearly 10 years, so soundly built & such a sure mover, superb balanced outline, flowed from head to tail, good head, well made quarters, deep well ribbed back chest, well turned stifle & low hock, in excellent coat. BV; 2 Price's Severnvale Seventh Heaven, 8 years, stunning outline, well constructed, good bone & feet. 1 just had the edge on movement. In excellent coat; 3 Powis' Sh Ch Amberwave Dazzle.

J (14,3) Not an easy class. 1 Gardiner's Reddins Esther of Blaysdell, balanced outline that flows, pleasing head, neck & lay of shoulder. Would have liked a little more angulation in the upper arm. Ribs were deep, loin strong & well turned stifle, low hocks, best mover in the class; 2 Milligan-Bott & Bott's Cordarragh Ladybird by Thendara, excellent outline, balanced & flowing, most pleasing head, good bone & feet. I had the edge in lower hocks, would have liked more angulation in upper arm. Moved out well, in good coat; 3 Townsend's Follidown Forget Me Not.

Y (26,7) 1 Pine's Seowns Amber Rose, well balanced outline, flows from head to tail, well made quarters, excellent ribs with depth & well ribbed back, topline & tailset good, well turned stifle & low hocks, moved out well on good legs & feet; 2 Gardner's Carnbargus Contemplation, weH made young lady, excellent quarters, good ribs, had depth & well ribbed back, topline & loin strong, well turned stifle, low hock, sound mover. 1 had the edge on tighter feet; 3 Mortimer's Covarney Vivacity.

M (22,11) 1 A Crianza;2 Luto's Rappatty Daydream Believer, excellent outline flows, good quarters, ribs have depth & well ribbed back, well turned stifle, good second thigh, moved soundly; 3 R Glenury Dido.

N (20,8) 1 A Crianza, this gave her her JW; 2 R Daydreamn Believer; 3 Ritchie's Gwendariff Rock Diva, 9 months, lovely outline, pleasing head, neck & lay of shoulder. Upper arm could have more angulation. Ribs have good depth topline strong & tailset good, moved out well on good legs & feet.

UG (14,7) 1 S Amber Rose; 2 Mortimer & Condron's Cpvarney Coco, loved her outline. I just pipped her in movement. Most pleasing nead, topline, loin & tailset all good as were quarters; 3 Evans' Brabrook Titan ias Dream at Neathamill.

G (15,6) Very good class. 1 Mugford's Lynwood Follow Your Dreams, beautiful headed bitch, very balanced outline, conformation correct, ribs deep & well ribbed back, top-line & tailset good, well turned stifle & low hocks, very sound mover on good legs & feet, in the best of coats; 2 Richardson's Tatterslee Bon Affectuex ave<; Montoreenan, very good balanced outline, well constructed. I's upper arm a fraction better in angulation. Good legs & feet, well turned stifle & low hocks, sound mover; 3 Price's Severnvale Sheer Heaven.

PG (18,3) 1 Curtis' Wylldfire Colleen, balanced outline, very sound mover, pleasing head, well made quarters, good ribs, strong loin & topline, good tailset, well turned stifle & low hocks, mov­ing on good legs & feet; 2 Randle's Covarney Bewitched between Rionore, lovely outline, pretty headed bitch. Upper arm on 1 just a fraction better in length & angulation. Super ribs, topline & tailset, well boned legs. Feet slightly tighter on 1. In great coat, sound mover; 3 Powis' Amberwave Truffle.

ML (16,3) 1 Crocker & Hammick's Brabrook Fantasy Believer with Riverbrue, loved her outline, sound all through & racy, really caught my eye, feminine head, clean neck set into well made forequarters, ribs had depth & well ribbed back, loin strong, topline & tailset correct, rearend had well turned stifle & low hocks, well boned legs, good feet, beautiful mover. CC; 2 Elkin's Avacet Christmas Wish, good girl to go over, so soundly made, good quarters, strong topline & loin, good tailset, sound mover. 1 had slightly tighter feet; 3 Powis'Amberwave Truffle.

L (20,3) 1 Smith's Waterdown Kesmit, balanced lady with most pleasing head, soundly made quar­ters, ribs were deep & well ribbed back, loin, topline & tailset all correct, best of legs & feet, sound mover, in good coat. RCC; 2 Curtis' Brookesands Maranello from Wyldfire, racy elegant, pretty headed bitch, excellent peck & forehand, good topline & tailset, excellent rib & loin, well turned stifle, sound mover, in best of coats. Feet of 1 a little tighter; 3 Webb's Caspians Amity.

O (14,2) 1 Muir's Sh Ch Romarne Melissa, loved her balanced racy outline, flows from head to tail, good angles, ribs had depth & well ribbed back, strong loin, well turned stifle & low hocks, good bone to legs & tight feet, good mover; 2 Catling's Highclare Mary Poppins at Teleri, good balanced outline, excellent head, neck & quarters, ribs had depth & well ribbed back, loin strong, good bone. Feet on 1 were tighter. In good coat; 3 Waterton's Lynwood Strands Qf Silk at Sandstream.

B (7,1) 1 Pallister's Cervantes Gimli Gloin, nice mature lady, racy body, pleasing head, good neck set into well laid shoulder. Upper arm could have more length & angulation. Well made rib, topline, stifle & loin, moved out well; 2 B Titanias Dream at N; 3 Heppell's Catuluna My Lady Arabella.

Gwynneth Vanderbilt Memorial (6,1) 1 Sh ChW Kupola; 2 Drinkwater's, Sh Ch Brabrook Red Rose, beautiful outline, best of heads, soundly built throughout with good angles, very sound mover. 1 just had the edge on turn of stifle; 3 Reed's Tatterslee Sunflower.