Referee's Critique, Brace and Junior Handling


The Irish Setter Club of Wales held a Championship Show where I was only called upon to decide RBIS in which I chose the dog who had won the DRCC, Holechan & North's Erinade Star Wars, liked his head & expression, reach/ arched neck into well laid shoulder, neat front & feet, well set on tail, well angled hindquarters. To be critical would like a little more strength in loin but at 26 months time is on his side. Moved soundly with drive, in good coat & feather.

Brace (2) 1 Lawrence's well matched father & son.typy heads, good front & feet, depth of brisket & short bins, moved in unison, both in profile & coming & going; 2 Heppell's mother & daughter, not so appealing in head & expression for me & a little longer cast Well sprung ribs & depth of chest, straight well boned front, good turn of stifle, neat arched feet, moved OK.

JUN HANDLING - 6-11 years (2) 1 Linda Clemence, 11 year old who got the best out of a young puppy, showed her bitch to advantage both stacked & on the move making full use of the large ring. Should do well in future handling classes. Kept checking on the judge's position & her puppy. BJH; 2 Niamh Kehoe, struggled with her charge as she seemed more interested in getting back to her owner outside the ring. Tried hard to keep her bitch set up. Moved OK. 12-16 (2,1 a) I Patrick Carrigan, 14 year old young man who was a very capable young handler who set up his bitch to advantage & seemed to know what was required. Moved his charge taking advantage of the large ring using all the corners. When it came to BJH felt he had the easier exhibit.


B J Shapter Referee