Championship Show 2007 Critique Dogs

MP 1 Danks-Kemish's Tiroen Time After Time at Alolfran, very promising minor puppy, qual­ity all through, lovely head & expres­sion, well balanced, good forechest & front, well angulated for his age/moved freely & with such confidence. BP; 2 Burkes Shaytell The Wanderer, just 6 months, shorter coupled than 1, good head & expression, good forechest & depth, body well made, moved well; 3 Hogsflesh's Serrula Cherry Fizz Glannad.

 P 1 Crocker & Hammick's Riverbrue Dionysus, very forward for his age, bal­anced head, strong arched neck, well angulated, needs to grow into his frame. Excellent coat & condition, exuberant on the move; 2 S Cherry Fizz Clannad, good head, well made body, straight front, good topline. Just needs time to mature on, steady mover; 3 Wood & Kurring's Reddins Ethan of Lymish.

V 1 Graydon's Eringold Connlaoi, very good head & expression, moved well, still holding a good topline, well sprung rib & good depth, sound all through; 2 Davies’ Coppershell Fearless Fred, very good for his 11 years, lovely head, strong body, good topline, moved well; 3 Williams' Tatsbrp Just William for La Vansands

J 1 Willis Jacwillins Willoughby, quality dog, straight front, good neck, well laid shoulder, excellent depth, firm topline, moved very well; 2 Pickerill & Hayes' Amberwave Franke, very good shaped head, good depth & spring of rib, good angulation, excellent front, firm strong topline, good croup, excellent coat. Just needs to settle on the move; 3 Drinkwater's Brabrook Sholhalaza.

Y 1 Holeman & North's Erinade Starwars, good headed dog, strong well arched neck, firm topline, good croup, well angu­lated all through, very well coated, excellent on the move; 2 Swainston Glenvarna Himself, shorter coupled, very well bal­anced, lovely quality all through, holding a very good topline on the move, lovely coat & condition, beautifully presented; 3 Brown's Caskeys Hazard.

M 1 R Dionysus; 2 A Franke; 3 Perrin's Danaway Bryon.

N 1 R Dionysus; 2 A Franke; 3 Levick's Corriiecas Sullivan.

UG 1 Bott's Bardonhill Storm' Moon, exceltent head­ed dog, lovely expression, good straight front, flowing topline, good croup, very good mover. Just lacks maturity; 2 Mugford's Lynwood Field Of Dreams, quality dog, lovely head, excellent type, very simitar to 1 in topline & croup, but not quite the depth but this may come with age. Needs to settle on the move; 3 Paterson's Wyldfire Cuchulainn for Bluestack.

G 1 Barker-Ball’s Balintyne Chances Are, lovely headed dog, good eye & foreface, body well balanced, firm topline, good depth & spring of rib, well angulated. Moved very well, just needs coat to complete the picture; 2 Burton's Redhara In The Red, in excellent condi­tion, superb muscletone, lovely head, very good skull, well arched neck, very good shoulder, straight- front, excellent conformation & moves very well; 3 Powis Amberwave Ve Breezer.

PG 1 Milligan-Bott & Bott's Scotselaw Detroit Spinner by Thendara, quality young dog, beautiful head & expression, excellent in profile, firm topline, good croup, excel­lent coat & presentation, moved very well. Just needs to carry more weight; Barker-Bell's Balintyne Take A Chance On Me, top quality dog, lovely head & expression, good sternum, very sprung rib, good depth, sound steady mover; Greenan's Aniory Quantus of Juleset.

ML 1 Lucas* Braidmount Gentle Guy at Amberlight, super quality, excels in head, good raised brow & finish of foreface, strong well arched neck, firm topline, ribs well sprung, good depth, straight front, well angulated, sound mover; 2 Hillocks' Spirit Of The South to Jonola, real  rugged  dog, very good  head  &
expression, excellent body, good topline & croup, well ribbed, strong hindquarters, moved very well; 3  McCulloch's Cullmadons Celebrity.

 L 1Ciechonska's Caskeys Concept at Aoibheanne, abso­lute top quality, beautiful  head, good eye, true  expression  with  a  hint of mischief when he looks at you, excellent body, completely  in   proportion, well
angulated, lovely coat & condition, very sound happy mover. CC; 2 Swainston's Glenvarna Sun God, top quality dog but quite different in type to I, lovely head & expression, excellent topline & croup well held on the move, good spring of rib & depth, excellent presentation; 3 Sturrock's Forfarian.

O  1   Mugford's Sh Ch Scotselaw Jackson at Lynwood, lovely type, excellent in profile, com­pletely flows from head to tail, lovely head & expression, full of type, in lovely coat & condition, excellent dark coat,
moved very well. RCC; 2 Meadows' Sh Ch Gwendariff Moet et Chandon, qual­ity dog full of type, lovely head, good neck, very good front, well ribbed, firm strong topline, well angulated all through, moved very well; 3  Laidlaw's Sh Ch Glencarron Macduff.        LYNN MUIR