Championship Show 2008 Critique Dogs


DOGS - It was a pleasure to judge the dogs at this well run show in a modem & spacious venue. Overall my general impression was that this was a quality entry with many of the classes being hard fought It was particularly encouraging for the future to see several top quality exhibits in the two well filled puppy classes.

MP (9,1 a) 1 Partridge's Kerrydown My Guy, what a little cracker, at 6 months & one week he showed like a veteran with a confidence belying his tender age, moving so precisely with clean, Well balanced outline & firm topline, nicely made through angulations & thick coat coming already.\fery unusual to see such a young baby with so much poise, must surely have a dazzling future. BMPIS; 2 Lute's Rappatty Red Alert, 6 months baby & a little more mature. He moved steadily, showing himself off to advantage & gained his place here. A different head type from I with not quite so much work. Good earset Nicely developed over body & hindquarters; 3 Tuite's Porchet Warm Welcome.

P (14,1) Good class of promising youngsters. 1 Ciechonska's Pyecombe Ariel at Aoibheanne, beautiful 11 months boy, so clean over neck & front & attractive in head & eye, lovely tight feet, strong hindquarters, deep body & moved soundly, in good & well presented
coat BPD; 2 Edwards' Gwendariff Rockin Robin, mature for his 9 months & in good coat, excelled in body & strong hindquarters, neat & tidy feet & carried himself well on the move.Just preferred head & outline of 1; 3 Mitligan-Bott& Bott'sThendara Kramer.

V (9,2) 1 Lewis-Storey's Sh Ch Lynwood Pioneer of Seadog,8 years & a favourite dog of mine who has fulfilled all the potential he showed as the raw youngster last time I judged him. Sweeping hindquarters,good over croup & correct set on of tail, so clean over his reach of neck & the most handsome head; 2 Partridge's Kerrydown In Time, amazing condition for 11 years, well deserved his place here, lovely outline, in beautiful well presented coat, strong over hindquarters & deep chest & moved steadily & soundly; 3 Kniveton's Shandwick Diamond at Orstone.

J (7) 1 Crocker & Hammick's Riverblue Dionysus, stylish dog of a larger type.sound movement from very strong & well muscled hindquarters which gained him this place, in very hard condition & was presented immaculately; 2 Danks-Kemish's Tiroen Time After Time for Alotfran, more my type for size, nicely headed dog, if a little throaty over neckline. Not yet so developed in body as 1 but moved steadily to go on to win novice; 3 Murray-Hogsflesh's Serrula Cherry Fizz Clannad.

Y (14,2)  1 Willis' Jacwillins Willoughby, quality dog. beautifully presented &
handled to advantage, excelled in body, refined in head, dean over neck & moved steadily, 2 Pine's Seowns Archer, well constructed both in front & rear, in excellent order, coat & condition; 3 Drinkwater's Brabrook Shochaloza.

M(l4,3) 1 Pyecombe Ariel at A; 2 Tiroen Time After Time for A; 3 Catling's Heathclare Tis Magjc atTeleri.

N (11,2) 1 Tiroen Time After Time for A;2 Ritchie's Gwendariff RockafeHa,mature upstanding 9 months boy who was placed in puppy, lovely shape, in immaculate coat, liked his strong hindquarters, firm topline & correct set-on of tail but just not my ideal in head being a little deep in skull; 3 Baldry's Scarletti Razzle Dazzle at Derryveagh.

UG (8,1) 1 Wall & Jones' Cilcain Anything Goes to Hazlebeck, more compact type, kindly eye, good earset, moved steadily & in very good coat & bloom.A shame he does quite often have die tendency not to show himself off to advantage; 2 Collom's Kirkavagh Pilsudski, less developed than 1 & not quite so steady on the move but has a lovely racy outline, so clean over his neckline & strong over hindquarters, in good order & has tight arched feet Should come on nicely as he matures; 3 Kniveton's Serrula Playaround at Orstone.

G (14,2) One of the two strongest classes of the day. 1 Holehan & North's
Erinade Starwars, surprised myself here as I have often looked at this boy & thought he would finish a little heavy but how he has come on. Although not yet fully mature he looked superb, turned out to perfection & in sparkling form, he moved soundly & precisely both here & in the challenge. His owners have obviously worked very hard on him & on today's showing he must surely go on to greater things. Larger type than I would normally go for but is strongly constructed, has a lovely sloping topline, good tail carriage, carrying just the right amount of weight RCC &, yes of course I was aware he was different in type to my CC winner, but don't you think it will be a sad day when a judge cannot appreciate the attributes of breeding lines different from ones' own? RBIS; 2 Lauwers' Jonola Dr Doolittle, nice topline & strong hindquarters, loved his well worked head & low set ears. Maturing slowly which is not a bad thing & I think one for the future; 3 Prangle's Heathclare A Chance Of Magic.

PG (18,1) 1 Partridge's Kerrydown Look At Me, loved his gently sloping topline, sound in front, loved his head & eye with correct finish to his muzzle, presented well in beautiful coat Could have been a little neater in feet; 2 Sheldon's Delsanto Isaac, dark coated dog. excels in topline, clean over neck & shoulders, very well presented & handled to advantage, sound over hindquarters & moved well. Just preferred head & expression of I; 3 Stockton's Kespas Innuendo.

ML (13) For overall depth of quality throughout all exhibits, I felt this to be my strongest class of the day. 1. Hillocks' Spirit Of The South to Jonola, for his size & balance & type exactly my sort of setter, in good order, nicely angulated hindquarters, handsome beautifully chiselled head & correct earset & he moved OK. A half brother to my CC winner & quite similar. Just lacking a little extra sparkle in the challenge to go any further; 2. Ritchie's Secret Liaison at Gwendariff, loved his head, eye & elegant neckline, short coupled boy in fantastic coat & condition, as all this exhibitor's dogs were. Just dropped off a little over the croup when stood & moved a little close behind; 3 Stockton's Kespas Infrared.

L (9,1) 1 Vincent & Spencer's Gimaroch on Request at Caervista, just my type for his general shape, elegance, racy outline & size, loved his head & clean neckline & correct topline. Moving a little close behind & lacking furnishings to complete the picture & go any further in the challenge; 2 Lawrence's Sametsuz Up To Mischief via McConkeys, larger type than I & well coated, nicely shaped, although ideally I would like him a shade darker in eye; 3 Willett's Caspians Disraeli.

 O (5,1) I Lauwers' Sumaric Shadow of Mr Jingles, thought him quite outstanding from head to tail. I have admired him many times from the ringside & found nothing to disappoint on going over him, masculine head, not overdone in any way, lovely body & in full coat, strong, well developed hindquarters, in hard condition, my ideal in type & size he oozes quality & balance. In full coat he moved soundly to win this class over strong competition. CC & BIS. On todays performance his title must surely not be far off;
2 Shaw-Rainey & Raine/s Sh Ch Gwendariff Simply Red Plays Starchelle, always been a favourite of mine & have admired from the ringside, loved his head, eye. & clean neckline, presented immaculately in full coat & moved well. Just drops off a wee bit over the croup
but was close up for RCC 3 Bott's Sh Ch Ember Gene Simmons Sings Quensha.

B (6) I K Look At Me;2 SArcher;3 Greenan'sAnfory Quantas of Juleset

Alan Vanderbilt Memorial for Members (4) 1 E Starwars; 2 S Up To Mischief via M;3 Drinkwater's Sh Ch BrabrookTrue Blade.